O’Brien O’Donnell: 1864-1933
Ohio probate judge, elected to 6 consecutive terms, founder of numerous progressive organizations, including the Big Brothers, instrumental in criminalizing over-the-counter sale of narcotics. Featured in O’Brien’s Desk and appears in all books

C. C. Julian: 1885-1934
Flamboyant Oil Huckster whose elaborate stock scheme led to multiple legal indictments. Featured in upcoming book.

Samuel Kantor, 1895-1977
Author’s grandfather and owner of Kantor’s Shoe Store Boyle Heights. Appears in upcoming book.

Sarah Kaufman 1868-1941
High level Ohio court official, contributor to countless progressive organizations, community activist. Protagonist and sleuth in all books.

Henry Louis “H. L.” Menken: 1880-1956
American journalist, essayist, magazine editor, satirist, critic of American life and Culture. Covered the Scopes trial and featured in The Natural Selection.

Clarence Darrow: 1857-1938
American lawyer and leading member of Civil Liberties Union. Defended John Scopes at Scopes trial and appears in The Natural Selection.