The 1920s were about much more than flappers and bootleggers. Like our own age, it was a time of heightened tensions between tolerance and bigotry, wealth and poverty, freedom and oppression. These are the issues that inform my historical mysteries. Each book is set in a different U.S. state, contains real historical figures–including my sleuth, Sarah Kaufman–and some of the decade’s most memorable courtroom trials. I invite you to travel with me back to this dazzling, tumultuous era; to its bright lights, dark paths and dangerous truths.

Available Now! RULE OF CAPTURE–Honorable Mention at 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival Awards!

Los Angeles, 1928. Oil. Oranges. And the site of a stock scandal to rival any in American history.  As one of the scandal’s victims, Sarah is in the city for the trial of the perpetrators but ends up jeopardizing everything she holds dear to find justice for a dead woman she barely knew.