Other Writings

Novels are my true love, but it never hurts to have a little something on the side. I have been published in scholarly journals, newspapers, literary anthologies, legal and mediation magazines and more. Here is a link to “Without His Fingers,” an essay about my uncle that just appeared in Philadelphia Stories magazine: http://www.philadelphiastories.org/without-his-fingers. And here’s another, “The (O)ther Kahn,” about my grandfather, brother to noted architect, Louis I. Kahn: http://www.philadelphiastories.org/other-kahn.

Below is a list of my other works to date. The essay published in Those Who Can…Teach!, a collection about influential teachers, is one of my favorites. It came out way back in 1999, marking the moment of my conversion to literature.

Essays and Book Reviews

“Things We Lost in the Fire,” Americas Quarterly, From Issue “Young Entrepreneurs,” 2017

“Without His Fingers,” Philadelphia Stories, Spring, 2015

“The (O)ther Kahn,” Philadelphia Stories, Spring 2008

“His Name is Steven,” Del Mar Times, January 9, 2004

“Resurrecting the Pannikin,” Del Mar Times/Solana Beach Sun, 1996 “The Re-Opening of the Pannikin was an Event To Celebrate,” Carmel Valley News 1996

From Rocks to Rhyme,” Those Who Can, Teach, ed. Mary Mohler and Lorraine Glennon, Fall 1999

Literature and the Law

To view articles on Literature and the Law, please contact Orange County Lawyer.

“The Story of a Trial,” Orange County Lawyer, February 2008
“An Imitation of Life,” A Review of Baby Crimes, by Randall  Hicks, Orange County Lawyer, December, 2007
“Framing the Law,” Orange County Lawyer, October 2007
“The Literary Nature of Environmental Law,” Orange County Lawyer, July 2007
“Crossing Borders,” Orange County Lawyer, April 2007
“Authorizing Intent,” Orange County Lawyer, Orange County Lawyer, February 2007
“Arguing by the Book,” Orange County Lawyer, forthcoming January 2007
“The Literary Case for Legal Ambiguity,” Orange County Lawyer, August 2006
“Novel Justice,” Orange County Lawyer, May 2006



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Mediating by the Book,” Dispute Resolution Journal, May-October 2010