I am a ham, no doubt about it. When I was five years old, I had to be physically dragged off stage after delivering the closing remarks at a dance recital, and nothing has changed. My enthusiasm for speaking extends to groups large and small, whether in a public venue or a living room.  Previous engagements include academic, legal and judicial organizations, literary, legal and mediation conferences, book fairs, book clubs and some of the most respected bookstores in the country. For a quick view of my speaking style, click the attorneycredits.com link below, which excerpts my course on literature and the law: http://www.attorneycredits.com/faculty/Ona-Russell


Audience Comments:

From members of the American Judges Association:
“The best program so far.”
“Literature should play an important role in our lives and we do in fact learn from it.”

From The San Diego County Bar Association:
“Ona is a knowledgable speaker and truly brings a new perspective to those involved in the legal profession.”

From Latham & Watkins LLP:
“Dr. Russell’s presentation to our lawyers was the fascinating highlight of our firm’s internal training series…a powerful reminder of the influence of literature on the law and why so many of us became lawyers in the first place.”

From lawyers taking Ona’s course, “Literature and the Law,” on Attorneycredits.com:
“Excellent. One of the best CLE’s I’ve taken. Quite inspiring.” –Maria (Chicago, IL)
“Presenter was delightful! Insights as to how to present argument to the judge.”– Janeen (Spring Vallley, CA)
“She is a fabulous speaker, change nothing.”– Kenneth (Los Angeles, CA)
“Far beyond satisfied. Outstanding presenter and extremely interesting content. best of all MCLE classes in my lengthy legal career.”– John (San Pedro, CA).
“The speaker was brilliant and her topic quite provocative. The presentation was very enjoyable.”– Meredith (Vista, CA).
“Outstanding”– Jami (New York City, NY)

From Kate Keyes, Vroman’s Independent Bookstore, Pasadena, CA:
“It was a pleasure to have On a Russell as a featured speaker for our Writer’s Workshop series. Covering historical fictions, she brought new topics and concepts to the group that were previously undiscussed. Ona’s ability to engage the class with her examples and exercises made for good conversation and interaction among the members of the class. They still continue to talk about it months after her visit.”